Welcome 2018

Happy New Year!

My last post was about Ireland (what an awesome trip!) and there were a bunch of pretty photos…  sorry I don’t have any good photos for this post! As I mentioned at the very end of the Ireland post, I was planning on going on a mission trip to Haiti, and I was able to go this past November! As I was very busy on that trip, I didn’t get many photos, but I did make a video with everyone’s photos from the trip with one of my favorite songs to show at church and to family and friends back home. You can view it by clicking the link below 🙂


What a great experience to be able to use some of my nursing skills in Haiti. It was such a blessing to me! And I pray it was for the team and the people that we served. I know that Haiti is somewhere I will continue to return to. What lovely people. It really was a wonderful trip.

I was reading back through my New Years post from last year. I think that my goal of taking every opportunity to explore was definitely met! I was blessed with some great travel opportunities in 2017. My other goals were to work on being kind to those closest to me, and being generous in as many areas as possible. There have been some great improvements in my life in these areas, and with God’s grace I know I will continue to grow.

Some highlights of 2017:
– Feeling so much better physically than the previous year!
– Hiking weekend celebration with friends for my 25th birthday
– Speaking at the Strength & Dignity youth girl’s event
– Traveling to Ireland and Haiti
– Best book: The Lucky Few (sweet and very wise; I know I want to adopt one day, and this book inspired me to trust that God has a plan for that desire!)
– Best movie: Wonder Woman (girl power!)
– Getting our first real Christmas tree

So here’s to a new year and new goals! (I just love new things, don’t you?)

Goals for 2018:
– Drink more water and do something to stay active EVERY day
– Take time to do things that help me relax and unwind (without feeling guilty about spending time on myself!)
– Read 10 books this year
– Be open to making new friends, but focus on maintaining the relationships that I have already been blessed with
– De-clutter and organize
– Start recycling
– Read my Bible every day, even if it’s just a couple of verses
– Make a conscious effort to be persistent in prayer.